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Cheap Atomizers / Heating Elements - $1.28 each

Cheap Atomizers / Heating Elements  - $1.28 each
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- 30 Atomizers -   $38.40    ($1.28 each)


Atomizers / heating elements do not last forever

They do loose efficiency over time, especially when using a nicotine liquid or a liquid with added taste (liquids with some color). Those liquids cause carbon to build up in the heating element and the wick. When this happens, a slow decline in the vapor production becomes noticeable. Supplying the heating coil with sufficient power becomes then more important. Charging the battery or replacing it with a fully charged one, will improve the vapor. If this should not help anymore, then a preheating of the atomizer for two seconds before vaping, restores the vapor density. There is nothing more that can be done about this decline, except to use a suitable e liquid (inferior liquids can greatly speed up this carbon buildup) and to replace the heating element once a preheating does not help anymore. Usually a preheating becomes first necessary well after 900 puffs, depending on the nicotine strengths used. I use a nicotine strengths of 36 mg/ml and change the atomizer at around 1200 puffs, which is equal to about 100 cigarettes. Go here to the Evod e cigarette instructions.




- 30 High Quality Atomizers -  



These replacement heating elements (dual wicks, 2.4 ohm) are only for the Evod e cigarette cartridges. Do not let the low cost fool you. They are of the highest quality. We used a lot of them for over two years of testing our liquid. These atomizers (heating elements), are very reliable. To replace the Evod atomizer, hold the cartridge upside down and unscrew the base. Then unscrew the atomizer from the base. Do not use pliers, but only your fingers, and make sure the new atomizer is seated tight into the base before reassembling the cartridge. There is no danger if our nicotine liquid should get onto your hands, as the concentration is not high enough to cause you any harm that way.


Please check the e liquid here and the e cigarette kit



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