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Our garden

   Our garden is on a clean piece of land which was never used before. It was covered with weeds and wild grasses for centuries before I started planting my tobacco. I am self-sufficient for several years, supplying myself with tobacco. The booklet 'How To Make Your Own Tobacco' shows step by step, how easy this actually is. Please do not try to smoke uncured tobacco leaves. You will not like the harsh taste :(  My plants are getting water only from the rain or a nearby well. No city or town water. I garden strictly organically.

Above picture: Composted cow manure is delivered by a truck; spreading everything and then working the soil. A few days after transplanting, the tobacco plants are doing fine. There is no need for you to go through such elaborate garden work or to plant this many. I do this only because I want the best seeds for my customers. Growing tobacco is not difficult or time-consuming. You can even grow tobacco plants in large pots! No greenhouse is needed, it saves a good amount of money and it also provides a much better product. Should you require information about growing tobacco, then have a look at our booklet 'Successful Tobacco Home Growing'.


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