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How To Make Tobacco At Home

How To Make Tobacco At Home
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How To Make Tobacco At Home

Instructions With Tobacco Seeds

Suitable for any area - No greenhouse needed

Yes, you can get a large harvest from these Huge-leaf 'Grade A' Burley tobacco plant seeds. Just follow the instructions. Then make your own pipe or cigarette tobacco for smoking by using only ordinary kitchen appliances. It is fast and easy. Everything is shown in text and pictures in this booklet, which is in print and selling since 2005. There is no need for special equipment! Save thousands of dollars every year and avoid all the chemicals from store-bought smoking tobacco. I smoke homemade tobacco already for many years.

THE INSTRUCTION BOOKLET: It contains a growing guide and a detailed, step-by-step tobacco leaf processing instruction. You will enjoy the fresh homemade cigarette or pipe tobacco and you may also, experience less coughing. This booklet has eight pages, 16 pictures and five sections. It contains everything you need to know to make your own tobacco.

1. How to grow cigarette and pipe tobacco at home

2. Harvesting and drying your smoking tobacco. Do not waste your time and remove the leaves from the plant for the drying. Dry the whole plants with the leaves instead! This drying takes only about 6 weeks. Read also about how to avoid mold. You do not want to inhale potentially dangerous mold spores.

3. Cutting the tobacco. It takes only seconds to cut enough tobacco for about 70 cigarettes. Do not use a paper shredder. This does not work!

4. How to cure tobacco. An important step for achieving a good tasting homegrown tobacco. This curing method removes all the impurities such as oils, sap and ammonia from your tobacco. If the drying or growing conditions have not been ideal, this curing will also force the tobacco leaves to change color. This step takes only one or two hours and it can easily be done also in your kitchen. There is no need to complicate things and to build a curing chamber!

5. Moisturizing / Flavoring with store-bought flavoring agents. Also menthol and Canadian tobacco.

THE TOBACCO SEEDS: 1500 + 'Grade A' Huge-leaf Tobacco Seeds. These seeds were collected from the largest organically grown tobacco plants. This variety creates abundance of flowers and larger seedpods. They have the best genetic makeup to produce huge plants. Expect 72" tall plants with 24.5" wide and 32.5" long leaves and a stem diameter of about 2.5". One plant of this variety can produce 200 gram (0.44 pounds) of tobacco for about 312 cigarettes. No other plant can produce more smoking tobacco! Provide good soil, enough water and this plant will show you what it can do. It will grow HUGE, have a tropical look and become the talk in your neighborhood :) Favored by many because of the mild taste, it still contains enough nicotine to satisfy any smoker. These plants are acclimatized to a cooler northern climate (zone 2). The mature plants can survive a short, mild frost of about 26.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

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