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How To Test E Liquids For Nicotine Or Alcohol

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Testing E Liquids For Alcohol:

  Alcohol in e liquids can cause damage to your lungs and should be avoided. Many e liquids contain alcohol! In the United States, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health has stated that diacetyl, which is a by-product during the alcohol fermentation, may be dangerous when heated and inhaled over a longer period of time. In Europe, this matter is under investigation.

To test your e liquid for alcohol, use a saliva alcohol test strip. Those strips are available in drug stores and over the Internet. Our tests were made with "Alco Screen" strips. They are also available from other companies, but we cannot confirm if they work the same as described here. To perform this test, mix 10 drops of your e juice with 20 drops of distilled water. Then apply one drop onto the test strip. If alcohol is present, then the color of the pad will change within 9 minutes. Any change is a sign for alcohol.



Testing E Liquids For Nicotine

Here is an easy test to confirm the presents of nicotine in your e liquid. For this test you need a rapid cotinine (nicotine) urine test kit. These kits cost around $1.16 each and they are available also from over the Internet. Use them to test your e juice(s)! This test is easy and reliable. Here is how: Mix 20 drops of your e liquid with 25 drops of distilled water. Then apply 5 drops into the specimen well from the test kit. Within 3 to 6 minutes one or two lines will develop and remain visible for a long time. This works with any e liquid! Do not try to test your e liquid without diluting it with water. It will not work!


How to test the amount of nicotine in an e liquid


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