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How To Grow Tobacco At Home

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Here is a booklet with tobacco seeds which shows how to grow tobacco at home in your garden, large flower pots or a balcony. Tobacco plants can be grown in any planting zone (even in Alaska) and it is easy! No greenhouse is needed. This booklet contains step-by-step instructions and it comes together with 1000 Virginia tobacco plant seeds. Anybody can grow tobacco at home, save money and avoid all the chemicals from store-bought tobacco. I used to smoke this Virginia cigarette tobacco for many years.


The BOOKLET: "How To Grow Tobacco". Step-by-step instructions to grow smoking tobacco at home. This booklet has eight pages with 20 pictures:

1. Germinating Tobacco Seeds

2. Transplanting

3. De-suckering Your Plants

4. Watering

5. Harvest

6. Seed Collecting And Seed Drying

7. Seed Extracting And Storing

8. Growing Tobacco Plants In Large Flowerpots


TOBACCO SEEDS: 1000 + Virginia Bright-leaf Tobacco Plant Seeds. These plants grow better in sandy, poorer soil than most other tobacco plant varieties. They produce a slightly milder smoke than the Huge-leaf Burley plant. The Virginia tobacco can reach 80" in height, with 20" wide and 26" long leaves. The leaves are easier to dry and they begin to change their color while growing. Smoke this homegrown tobacco in cigarettes or pipe. It can also be used for blending. If you have a problem with grasshoppers in your area, then this plant may not be your best choice. I guess, they enjoy a good chew too :) This Virginia plant is acclimatized to a cooler northern climate (zone 2) and the mature plant can survive a short, mild frost of around 26.6 degrees Fahrenheit.



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2. Extra precaution will be taken with the packaging to protect the seeds from damage by mail sorting machines. 

3. Cross pollination has been avoided by planting other tobacco varieties far away. Your plants will look identical to the pictures as shown.


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