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E Cigarette Instruction

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E Cigarette Instruction

Although the instructions here are mainly for the refillable Evod steel e cigarette cartridge, much of it can also be applied to other e cigarettes.
First, it cannot be emphasized enough, that the viscosity of a e liquid has to be right. If the e liquid is either too long or too short, then less vapor will be product.

Filling The Evod E Cigarette Cartridge

Hold the cartridge upside down and unscrew the base. Using a dropper bottle, fill the cartridge until the e liquid has almost reached the end of the center steel tube. Do not allow the fluid to enter the steel tube! Re-attach the base into the cartridge. At last, insert a cotton swab through the mouthpiece all the way down to the atomizer to remove any condensation. There is no danger if some of the nicotine e juice made from our fluid should get onto your hands. The nicotine concentration is simply not high enough to cause you any harm that way. Just rinse it off with water.

How To Use E Cigarettes

Press and hold down the battery switch for no longer than seven seconds while taking one or two puffs. Then give your e cigarette a few minutes to cool down and for the atomizer wick to replenish the lost liquid. Do not to cover the vent holes on the base of your cartridge with your fingers when vaping. A properly working e cigarette will omit at times a sizzling, and or popping sound. Should you vape a nicotine liquid, then you need to hold the vapor inside your lungs for a few seconds before exhaling to allow the nicotine to get absorbed by your lungs.

Low E Cigarette Vapor

Atomizers also called heating elements, do not last forever. They do loose efficiency over time. Specially when using nicotine e liquids or a liquid with added taste. Those liquids cause faster a carbon buildup in the atomizer. This buildup increases over time and then a decline in vapor becomes noticeable. Here is what to do, when you experience a consistent low vapor production:

First step, charge the battery or replace it with a fully charged one. If this does not provide improvements, then proceed with the second step.

Second step, is preheating the atomizer before vaping. To do this, just hold down the power switch on the battery for two seconds before vaping. If this should not help, then you need to replace the atomizer.

The cost is about $1.28. With a 36 mg/ml nicotine e liquid, you can expect to receive around 1200 puffs, which equals to 100 analog cigarettes. More puffs can be produced with a lower nicotine strength, or with a liquid without nicotine.

Test your e cigarette once in a while: Press and hold down the power button on the battery and take two puffs. Do not inhale! Instead blow the vapor into the air to compare the vapor density. Should you find, that the first puff has less, then follow the above "First step".

Changing The Evod Atomizer

Our e cigarette kit comes with three replacement atomizers. Whenever time should come to replace the cartridge atomizer, you will be quickly ready again. Every atomizer produces well over 1200 puffs, before the vapor begins to decline. The cost is about $1.28 each. To replace the atomizer, hold the cartridge in an upside down position and unscrew the base. Then unscrew the atomizer from the base. Do not use pliers, but only your fingers. Important is to fully tighten the new atomizer into base before reassembling it. Otherwise you may experience a battery connection problems. Do not forget to wait about 20 minutes before using your e-cigarette. This gives the new atomizer wick enough time to saturate fully with liquid and it will avoid a burning taste. This link will take you to the replacement atomizers.

Charging The E Cigarette Battery

When the power button on the battery is flashing, it is then time for re-charging. It takes about 2.5 hours to recharge an empty battery. To charge a battery, unscrew the cartridge from the battery and wipe off any possible e liquid residue from the connections with a tissue or cotton swab. Then connect the USB cable to the supplied charger by slowly screwing the battery into the USB battery connection. When the light on the battery starts to flash and the red light on the cable changes from green to red, a connection has been made and you need to stop the tightening. Do not over-tighten the battery. When the light on the cable changes from red to green, the battery is full. The battery can be recharged about 300 times. If the power switch on the battery is held down for more than 10 seconds, then the switch begins to flash. This is an indication, that the power is turning off to prevent an overheating of the heating coil and the battery.

Trouble Shooting

If the light on battery should not come on when you depress the power switch, although you have a charged battery, then this is usually a sign of a bad connection. To correct this, loosen the cartridge from the battery 1/4 turn and then re-tighten it. If this does not fix the problem, then the atomizer may be burned out.   


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