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For Adding Nicotine To E Cigarette Juice

For Adding Nicotine To E Cigarette Juice
Item# Rustica

For Making Nicotine E Juice
This is the best tobacco for nicotine e juices!

These tobacco plants (Nicotiana Rustica) contain more nicotine than the regular, store-bought smoking tobacco. You will need less tobacco and the atomizer also last longer. It is therefore the ideal tobacco plant. You would need to grow only 1 to 2 plants to make enough e juice to last for one year. An instruction on how to make your own nicotine e juice is included with our bottle of e liquid.

Nicotiana Rustica tobacco plants can be grown in any area in a garden, indoors or even on a balcony. They are easy to grow from seeds and you do not need any knowledge in chemistry to make a nicotine e juice. Making your own e juice is inexpensive and you can be sure, that what you are vaping is safe.

This package contains over 500 Nicotiana Rustica plant seeds

- A germination instruction is included -

Please be advised that the "Nicotiana Rustica" tobacco plant, also known as Ceremonial, Shaman's, Aztec, Native or Wild tobacco etc., contains much more nicotine than the regular North American smoking tobacco. Smoking it pure can lead to dizziness, sweating, a faster heart rate and a sick feeling. Nicotine at extreme high levels becomes a hallucinogenic and can, under certain conditions, even be fatal. If your body is not used to such a high amount of nicotine, then use only "Nicotiana Tabacum" (Virginia, Cuban or Burley), which is the common North American smoking tobacco. Nevertheless, Rustica is the ideal plant to use for making a nicotine e liquid. It can also be used in small quantities for blending a stronger smoking tobacco.

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