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Best E Cigarette Kit With Liquid

Best E Cigarette Kit With Liquid
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The Advantages of E Cigarettes

E cigarettes are eliminating all dangerous substances, which are associated with smoking tobacco. They are already used by many millions of people across the world. Since no burning of tobacco takes place and no smoke is being produced, the existing tobacco ban laws do not apply to E cigarettes.   :-)  E cigarettes, or vaporizer, heat a liquid that may also contain nicotine. No smoke, but a vapor is being produced! You will be free to enjoy your e cigarette any place without breaking the law. Further, nicotine by itself does not cause any cancer. It is however an addictive substance, it has a calming effect and it is lately being investigated for it's therapeutic potential. The results are promising! Click here to read more about the potential health benefits of nicotine.




  - One Of The Best E Cigarette Kits -   

This a refillable e cigarette, not a disposal one!





Look What This Kit Includes!

Selectively put together for a reliable, high vapor output. No interruption when recharging the battery! 


> Two rechargeable 650 mAh batteries. These are eGo style batteries, which over the years became quickly popular. You get two of them, so you don't have to stop vaping when the battery runs low. Just exchange it and connect the other to the charger. These batteries can be recharged about 300 times.

> One Evod cartridge. This steel cartridge holds 1.5 ml of liquid for 335 puffs, which is equal to about 28 cigarettes, before you need to refill. This cartridge is easy to refill and it produces a thick vapor.

> Three high quality 2.4 ohm spare atomizers. Whenever time should come to replace the one in your cartridge, you will be ready again "full steam ahead" in a flash. If you are not new to e cigarettes, then you will be pleasantly surprised about the over 1200 puffs you can get from one atomizer, before replacing it (at about $1.28) becomes advisable. To read the operating instruction, click here.

> A dropper bottle with 6 ml of our high vapor e cigarette liquid. This liquid is enough for about 1340 puffs, which is equal to about 112 cigarettes. This link takes you to our DIY nicotine e liquid page.

> One USB battery charger cable. Just plug this cable into your computer, or into the supplied wall charger to charge the battery.

> One wall charger for the USA or Canada (100-250 V) .

> One e cigarette necklace. You never want to be without it. Very handy and a great conversation piece.

> One sturdy case to store your e cigarette and accessories.


  Cost for this complete kit as shown is $42.85 plus shipping 


Find out here, why the Evod cartridge is one of the best



Since smoking is mainly a matter of a nicotine addiction, e cigarettes can indeed become a replacement to smoking analog cigarettes. A suitable nicotine e liquid for the cartridge and a proper e cigarette operation are vital for a successful part or full switchover.



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Money Back Guarantee

If this e cigarette kit should not live up to your full expectation, then simply return it within 30 days and we refund your money. Your satisfaction is important to us. When you are happy with our service, then please tell others. Your support will encourage us to continue with this site for you.



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