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How To Germinate and Grow Tobacco From Seeds

Growing organically tobacco at home is much easier than you may think. You do not need a greenhouse. Tobacco plant seeds can be bought at any time of the year as they stay viable for many years when you store them in a fridge. Please click onto a picture above for more details. This site was updated on January 26, 2015. 

1. Do not cover the seeds with soil. Tobacco seeds need daylight to germinate. Place the containers indoors near a window, but avoid direct sunlight.

2. Use a water spray bottle to keep the soil wet. If the tobacco seeds dry out, they will die! Once you notice some tiny green sprouts, they then have germinated. Now cut back on the water and keep the soil only moist. Do not use distilled water!

3.  A good temperature for the seed to germinate is about 75 - 80 degrees F.

4. Germination can begin already after four days, longer (up to 10 days) under imperfect conditions.

5. Tobacco seeds do not contain any nutrients for the seedling to grow. They depend strongly on the soil. Use bagged composted cow manure, mixed with garden soil. If not available, then use tomato planting soil. Do not use chemical fertilizers!

6. Keep the young tobacco plants away from direct sunlight, until you have acclimatized them to the outdoors.

7. To acclimatize them, place the plants outside in a fully shaded area for about 5 to 7 days. After this, they are ready for transplanting into your garden.

8. The use of peat containers is not recommended. Once transplanted with those containers into your garden, they actually can hinder the water to reach the plant roots.

9. Regularly water your tobacco plants.

10. Remove any weeds around your tobacco plants as they take away too much water. Weeding makes a difference!

11. Total growing time for tobacco and for the seeds to fully mature on the plant, is around 135 frost free days. You can however use the leaves for smoking already much sooner.

Take care of your plants and they will show you, what they can do!


Tobacco plant diseases: Most growers will never encounter a plant disease or pests. Should you be unlucky, then click this link to find out about tobacco plant diseases:

Tobacco plant pests: Click this link to read about tobacco plant pests


European customers can also order the tobacco seeds from our branch office in Germany. The instructions are then in German. Click here to have a look



Is Growing And Making Tobacco Legal?

Growing and making tobacco for your personal use for either smoking or making a nicotine e liquid is fully legal. We do not know of any area where this is not the case. Like it is with making your own wine or beer, you also will not be allowed to sell it. Restrictions are often placed on the number of plants which you are allowed to grow or on the size of your tobacco field. However, this amount is sufficient to make enough tobacco to last for over one year.


Why Make Your Own Tobacco?

Tobacco plants deplete the soil of nutrients much faster than most other plants. To enrich the soil again for the next crop, tobacco farmers use cost-effective phosphate fertilizers. However, phosphate fertilizers contain a natural occurring radioactive radon, which the leaves pick up. When smoking, this radon gets into the lungs. Radioactivity never leaves the body! It builds up and it will eventually cause cancer. If you smoke 1 1/2 packs of cigarettes daily,  then you will receive over one year as much radiation as from 300 or more chest x-rays. Phosphates kill! Do not use phosphate based fertilizers when growing vegetables, tobacco or fruits! Check the label on the box for Phosphates (P2O5). Click here to read more about the danger of phosphate fertilizers. You can easily grow organically your tobacco. Just mix in some composted cow manure into your garden soil (available also in bags) and you will avoid most dangerous chemicals.


Nicotiana Rustica Tobacco

Please be advised that the "Nicotiana Rustica" tobacco plant, also known as Ceremonial, Shaman's, Aztec, Native or Wild tobacco etc., contains much more nicotine than the regular North American smoking tobacco. Smoking it pure can lead to dizziness, sweating, a faster heart rate and a sick feeling. Nicotine at extreme high levels becomes a hallucinogenic and can, under certain conditions, even be fatal. If your body is not used to such a high amount of nicotine, then use only "Nicotiana Tabacum" (Virginia, Cuban or Burley), which is the common North American smoking tobacco. Nevertheless, Rustica is the ideal plant to use for making a nicotine e liquid. It can also be used in small quantities for blending a stronger smoking tobacco.








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